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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance. A family with a car for each driver. A 30-year driver with an unblemished record. A harried commuter with a fender bender. Whatever your needs, you'll find that we deliver solutions for a wide range of vehicles and drivers.

OneChoice Auto features exceptional protection for liability, medical expenses and damage to your vehicle. And you can expand it by choosing one — or both — of our exclusive packages of enhancements:

Auto Security Rewards

  • Collision Deductible Savings
  • Safe Driver Bonus
  • Unlimited Accident Waiver

Auto Security Bonus

  • Increased Limits for Transportation Expenses
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts for a model's first three years
  • Loan/Lease
  • Travel Expense
  • Reward for Auto Theft Conviction
  • Accidental Air Bag Deployment

Finally, our optional New Car Replacement endorsement covers the full cost to replace a car that you insure with New Jersey Skylands with a new car, providing it is no more than 2 model years old and has sustained a total loss.

Qualifying policyholders can take advantage of additional auto credits such as Good Driver; Premium Paid in Full; Multiple Vehicles; Homeownership; Good-Student Operator; Daily Use of Mass Transit; Post-Secondary Education; Early Purchase. Plus a discount if we insure both your car(s) and home.

Please refer to the actual policy for exact coverage descriptions. Coverages and discounts are subject to policy terms; limits, exclusions and deductibles apply.