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New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association members with auto policies have access to a range of exclusive benefits to keep you on the road.

Roadside Assistance

With New Jersey Skylands' Roadside Assistance Program, you won't be left stranded. Our members receive services that include coverage up to $100 for battery boost / jump-start; tire change; fuel delivery; key retrieval; and towing assistance-24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call 866-247-4674 for emergency service.

Deductible Waiver for Windshield Repair

If your damaged windshield can be repaired rather than replaced, we'll waive your deductible so there is no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Collision Deductible Waiver

We will waive your deductible if you are in an accident with another New Jersey Skylands Insurance member. In addition, if your car is legally parked and struck by another vehicle or struck in the rear by another vehicle moving in the same direction, we will waive your collision deductible, provided the owner of the other vehicle is identified.

Auto Maintenance Resources

Wear and tear on a car impacts its value and performance. These helpful maintenance tips can help you keep your car looking great and running in peak condition.

Quality Auto Repair Guarantee

You expect repairs done right the first time. We guarantee repairs done through our automobile Priority Repair Program for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

And, you are also eligible to receive the following services through our partner Identity Theft 911®.

Identity Theft Resolution Services and Credit Monitoring Services

Did you know that 27,000 new people each day become victims of identity theft? For the past seven years, identity theft has been the fastest-growing crime in America, and its effects can be devastating.

A single fraudulent activity on one of your accounts is often just the tip of the iceberg, so time is of the essence. New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association has partnered with Identity Theft 911®, a leading provider of identity theft solutions, to provide you with comprehensive theft resolution services and proactive assistance should you have a serious identity theft crisis, or simply need to take preventive measures regarding a stolen credit card or lost wallet.

Learn more about identity theft resolution services available exclusively to New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association members.

Disaster Document Recovery

If you have lost your personal identification, legal or financial documents due to a natural disaster, flood or fire, a highly experienced specialist from Identity Theft 911® will help reestablish crucial sensitive documents, expedite emergency authentication, provide access to financial institutions and records, and coordinate with your employer, benefits providers, and even family and friends.

Call our Claims Department at 888-855-4622 to be transferred to an Identity Theft 911® specialist.

Learn more about.

Travel Document Recovery

Ever thought about the frustration you would experience if you suddenly lost your license, passport, or airline tickets while traveling? Instead of focusing on your trip, you would be stuck dealing with law enforcement officials, government bureaucrats and credit reporting agencies. New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association members have access to highly experienced fraud specialists to help you with emergency travel documents and arrangements, as well as take proactive measures to protect against the fraudulent use of your lost information.

Learn more about.

New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association Quality Service Pledge

We pledge:

  • To contact members promptly after report of loss, and to answer promptly all phone calls and correspondence
  • To treat member courteously and professionally at all times
  • To issue check within 72 hours after settling the claim
  • If we fail to live up to this pledge, members can send a letter documenting the circumstances and request a refund of their applicable physical damage deductible (up to $500).