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The Value of an Independent Agent

New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association sells insurance through a national network of select independent agents. Our agents will work side by side with you to provide the advice, local expertise and personalized service you deserve.

Why New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association works with Agents

New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association chooses to work with independent agents for a number of reasons. We believe that the independent agency system is one of the most efficient ways for us to provide our products to consumers. Independent agents work side by side with you, the customer, as part of the fabric of your community. Therefore, they have firsthand knowledge of your area and understand your circumstances. They are a very effective bridge between you and New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association. We have a long history of working through independent agents, with very positive results. Our agency relationships are some of the most favorable in the country!

There's another reason we endorse this system. We believe that because independent agents run their own businesses, they have more of a stake in their own success. They operate as our partners, and because of this you are doubly guaranteed that top-quality people are working on your behalf. They are also better able to facilitate quick responses for your questions, claims, coverage changes and any other time that you may need us. We'd like to think that is one of the reasons that you will choose to stay with New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association as a satisfied customer.

How do independent Agents benefit customers?

There are many terrific benefits to you as a customer. To begin with, you've got a chance to build a dependable, lifetime working relationship with your independent agent. Because your agent knows you so well, he or she will be able to help you make the best decisions about adjustments to your coverage as needed.

Independent agents can also save you time and energy by serving all of your insurance needs. In addition to providing you with a superior personal policy, your agent can handle your business coverage as well. Some customers choose to have one agent as their advocate for both commercial and personal lines of insurance. With New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association, that is an option that you certainly have.

Your agent works as your strongest advocate, and can represent your interests with the company's claims representative. You can be assured that you are getting personal, fair and fast attention in addressing all your insurance needs. Your agent is there to protect your interests, and to support you in times of need. If you suffer a loss, your agent will work with New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association to resolve your claim.

The bottom line?

As a customer, you want to know that the insurance advice and coverage that you receive is solid, coming from someone you trust, and in your best interest. Working with an independent agent who works with New Jersey Skylands Insurance Association assures you of all these things, and offers you peace of mind.