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Paying Your Premium

For your convenience, New Jersey Skylands offers several ways to pay your premium.

  • Online - Pay your deposit or your full annual premium via credit card or eCheck.

    You must log in to pay online. If you have not yet registered, please click here and fill in the REGISTRATION fields, including your policy number, ID# and Access Code (you'll find them on your bill and other important documents) to create your account. If you are a returning policyholder, log in with the email address and password you used to create your account.

    Once you log in, simply click Pay Your Bill and provide all of the required information.

    Register now

  • Electronically - Make installment payments via our automatic withdrawal program.  Select the date you want us to deduct your payment from your checking account and we do the rest. Once you log in, visit the "Pay Your Bill" page to sign up for automatic withdrawal, update your bank account information for your installment payments, and more.

  • By mail - Send your check along with the remittance stub to the address printed on your bill. If necessary, you can also obtain the mailing address by calling 1.866.279.7688. If you don't have the remittance stub, please be certain to write your policy number on your check before you mail it.

  • By telephone - Simply call 1.866.279.7688 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday - Friday; but keep your bill handy, as you will need your personal access code and ID number (which are printed on your statement and other important documents) for security purposes.